Hello. We are Conka.

Conka inspires businesses to make a marketing difference by championing a consumer driven approach through having conversations, collaborating and creating marketing strategies that are fit for purpose to deliver results.

Conka works with businesses at many levels. Whether its virtual csuite marketing support, insights or strategy development, we work with you to understand where support is needed and exactly what the brief is. The brief is not always what you think it is.

Conka draws on its 20 years experience from working in large International businesses to start ups. We help you think differently and from a new perspective. Sometimes an outside view can see things you can't. It might be a new insight, an opportunity for quick wins or a longer term vision that can make a difference.

Conka is passionate. We might only be small but we have a genuine love for what we do, we have an energy and commitment to helping businesses be successful in their marketing needs.

Conka is Brisbane based and has business associates, J44 in the UK. We work virtually, connect electronically and ignore geography and can work 24 hours if we need to.

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