Don’t let your customers travel alone.

As this video says, you will naturally have studied your customers’ journey. You’ll know the decision points, the comparisons made, the facts and opinions sought by the people to whom you hope to make a sale.

You’ll know how emotions and attitudes change as prospects take the path towards choosing. You’ll have thought long and hard about how to meet their expectations more readily than your competition.

And you will have expended much money and effort encouraging more customer journeys to end at your door.

But perhaps they should continue their journey when they walk through your door?

If you walked with your customer every step of the way, guiding, mentoring, advising and understanding – might you win more trust and build more mutually beneficial relationships?

So you make great widgets. Do you also publish “How to Choose a Widget”? As well as great offers and product data, does your website contain customer stories about how they choose, what they have doubts about and how to sort the facts from the claims?

Do you blog about widget envy, widget confusion, widget worry? Are you truly customer-focused enough to help people understand when their old widget is probably fine and they don’t actually need a new one yet (but guess who you can trust when the time comes)? Does your social media content include focus group videos in which customers and non-customers talk about widgets and share their concerns about selecting the right one?

Sounds too radical? OK, but think about how consumer attitudes are changing. How people are beginning to move to brands that share their world view. That show generosity and social awareness. That are deeper, more rounded, more complex and human entities than hitherto.

Whenever prospects seek you out, online, in store, in every possible channel, be the brand that gives advice, not just a price. That delivers explanations as well as specifications. That stands out by understanding, not just branding.

And if you have time for a little more advice watch the video.

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