People don’t check Facebook or Linkedin for the ads. The same applies to magazines and TV programmes. Nobody walks through town to pass the really good 48 sheets. No-one cruises down the supermarket aisle in the hope of seeing some cool POS.

This was always true, of course, but these days, the problem is worse than ever. As our video points out, when a busload of passengers drives past a supersite, a fair proportion of them will be looking down at a screen, not out of the window. Check your tweens and teens tonight and you may see that they run two screens at a time – Snapchat on the ipad, Instagram on the phone. Oh yes, and they’re watching TV too.

So how do you fight this consumer version of attention deficit disorder?

Well, you can’t do it by shouting any more. Time was when admen relied on BIG! NEW! FREE! to grab attention. Now you need to be cleverer than that.

Your messages need to be super-relevant and expressed in terms of genuine benefit, using language that connects with your audience by sounding like a friend.

Don’t stand in front of your prospect and make claims. Stand next to her and speak softly of shared feelings and ambitions, issues and solutions.

She might stop tweeting for a minute that way.

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