Our video asks you to be hyper-critical of your own social pages and website. It asks whether they contain things that visitors will enjoy, remember, use and keep coming back to – for their own sake. It enquires whether a visitor could get a decent answer if they posed the question: “What’s in it for me?”

And it introduces a metaphor for content that might prompt a review of everything you do online.

What it doesn’t do is suggest how you can fix what’s wrong. So that’s in the rest of this blog.

There’s a mnemonic that every advertising and marketing person learns at his or her mother’s knee (OK, in Marketing for Dummies chapter 1) and then seems promptly to forget when creating social media or website content.


The letters stand for Attention, Interest, Desire, Conviction, Action and it’s how you sell your products and services to people who aren’t necessarily interested in buying them, which, of course, is most of the people who will ever read your posts, visit your website or come across your ads.

Here’s how it works.

First, get their Attention.

You do this by showing or saying something that’s attractive to them and will prevent them – at least momentarily – from looking elsewhere, clicking away or turning the page. It doesn’t have to be startling or surprising, contentious or shocking, but it does have to be something that’s on their agenda – something they like, something that might help solve a problem, something they care about, worry about, think about.

Something they lack, would love, or wish for. Something that, given the huge amounts that you know of their lives and attitudes (see video 1 – primary function) will strike a chord and attract their attention.

Now expand the thought and gain their Interest.

Say a little more about the idea that attracted them and develop your content in a way that will get them nodding in agreement, marveling at your empathy, supporting your proposition or, at least, acknowledging that you know your stuff.

Next, start working to turn that interest into Desire.

This is where you talk about your product or service and explain how it’s the solution to their worries, wishes, issues. How it will improve their life, their skin, their bank balance, their career, their waistline, their hairline, their…whatever.

If we assume that you have now created said desire, you begin to seal the deal with reassurance or Conviction.

The money-back guarantee. The years of research that have gone into your widget. The many other people who have tried and raved about it. The speed with which you can deliver it.

And finally you ask for Action.

Click here, buy now, check stockists, join the club, subscribe to the newsletter, book a consultation…

Of course, there won’t always be room for every step of the process. You can’t do the full AIDCA in 10 words and you’ll be pretty stretched to get it all into a tweet (though trying is a damn good exercise in customer-focused writing). But if you always start with A and work hard to get at least as far as I, you’ll create content that more people will read, enjoy and respond to.

How to remember AIDCA? Easy – it’s an AID for Creating Affluence

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